We are a group of optimistic

problem-solvers striving to improve the world.

Arturo Rodriguez

After completing degrees in political science and biblical history, Arturo devoted his early career to working with at-risk youth. Intent on creating systemic and community-wide transformation, he turned to nonprofit consulting and humanitarian program development at the international level. Arturo speaks at churches and universities, volunteers as a police chaplain, and finds his greatest calling as a husband and father. His easy management of diverse demands comes from his caffeine addiction and blatant disregard of sleep.

Kirsten Rodriguez

Kirsten is what you would call a classic Renaissance man, except she’s a woman. It doesn’t matter where she’s from because she may as well be from everywhere. She can speak over 64 languages, one of which she actually speaks fluently (mostly). Kirsten has a profound ability to put up with her husband, despite his unrelenting antics, making her one of the most patient women, or rather…one of the most patient Renaissance Men, on earth.

Ashley Gourley

Ashley’s undergraduate years at Saint Mary’s College were an introvert’s dream: reading and discussing the Great Books in small circles. A decade working with teens in the mental health field equipped Ashley to mother a toddler and sparked her drive to bring justice to the marginalized. Ashley employs her expertise and her crossword solving skills to serve as a Spanish Language Interpreter. Each evening Ashley strategizes ways to move into a tiny-home and to save the world.

Blair Mason

Blair has long been drawn to migrant labor camps, at-risk youth, and prisons. Believing that the disadvantaged need a voice, Blair helped launch an inmate run newspaper at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility where she published her article, “5 Terrible Movies Made Perfect by a Shirtless Channing Tatum.” She has served as a volunteer Spanish language interpreter and is currently studying at the Duke School of Law focusing on the intersection between immigration and criminal law.

Dan Gourley

A Northern California native, Dan has lived and learned across the globe, studying at universities from New Castle, Australia to Newport Beach, CA. Using his business education and insight, Dan has impacted the work of nonprofits in Thailand, India, and Mexico. Each country left an indelible mark on Dan that drives his commitment to alleviating poverty and suffering. When not traveling the world, Dan loves his life as a husband, father, and Golden State Warriors fanatic.

Ryan Biermann

Ryan grew up in in sunny Southern California. After years of volunteering as a church musician, he earned a degree in Music Performance from Azusa Pacific University. He has since expanded into other creative arts such as visual storytelling and videography. Ryan works as a video producer and musician in Portland, Oregon. Ryan really does have the most adorable kids on earth and has mastered enough musical instruments to be a one-man ska band.

Stephen Hale

Stephen is a California boy that has lived throughout the United States. He spent a formative semester in Honduras studying international development interventions. While in Latin America, Stephen witnessed how migration has the power to either yield economic advancement or to undermine human dignity. This experience sparked a lifelong commitment to social justice. Stephen has since used his (many) degrees in social science and theology to write powerful (and sarcastic) pieces around justice, religion, and adolescent development.

We're on a mission to solve a one-billion-person crisis. It started with one boy.

There are one-billion migrants on the planet. Each one has a story.